Slim Knees

Knees: Fight fat and snort the knees. The fat located at the knees is really difficult to fight. We need a synergy between diet and training. Diet alone is often useless because the accumulation of fat at the knees can occur even in cases of people with low weight. Article by

Sometimes the excessive thinness of the thighs can even make the problem more evident. I already know that at this point many of you will argue that there is no localized slimming, and you are right! We do not offer you miracle exercises, but a set of strategies aimed at improving the area as much as possible.

Accumulations of Fat in the Knees

The accumulation of localized fat in a particular area is due to:

  1. Hormonal factors.
  2. Genetics.
  3. Posture problems.
  4. Incorrect lifestyle such as poor nutrition, alcohol/smoking abuse, stress, sedentary lifestyle.

To combat the problem it is necessary to associate a healthy and adequate diet with a physical exercise that combines aerobic activity and muscle conditioning.

Diet to Fight Fat on the Knees

Diet is not always essential. However, if you need to lose weight in general stay on track until you reach your weight form.

This is because it is important to eliminate excess fat distributed throughout the body. However, always maintain a healthy diet. Fruit and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and water, are given the green light.

The idea of preferring whole-wheat bread and pasta is also excellent because the fibres help to eliminate waste. Instead, reduce sausages, snacks, and excessive use of salt. Even eliminate alcohol and smoke. Instead, abound with water and purifying and draining herbal teas.

Fighting Localized Fat on the Knees With Creams and Massages

In addition to healthy nutrition and specific knee exercises, it can be very useful to combine localised massages to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Better still if you apply an anti-cellulite cream during the massage.

Excellent those based on mud or algae. Always remember that constancy is essential and that it is not possible to have immediate results. To complete the work, apply an elasticizing oil to wet skin.

Slimming Your Knees With Herbal Teas

Another very useful advice is to drink draining and purifying herbal teas. You can find many of them in the herbalist’s shop or even on the shelves of your supermarket. If you want to prepare a very effective one, put, in equal parts, fennel seeds, birch leaves, licorice leaves and dandelion root.

Knee Slimming Exercises

AEROBIC ACTIVITIES: Improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation. It removes subcutaneous fat and promotes its use. Swimming, fast paced walking and long bike rides are great allies.

TONIFYING EXERCISES: Improving muscle tone allows you to distribute fat more evenly. Another very favorable aspect of conditioning exercises is the release of hormones that prevent the accumulation of localized fat.